Obtain the GENE Code

Version 11 of the GENE code is freely available. The GENE package includes the source code, makefiles for a variety of architectures, a test suite to check the validity of simulations after changes have been made, an easy-to-use GUI-based post-processing tool, as well as extensive documentation.

To apply for access to the GENE GIT repository, please fill in the following fields and read the User Agreement below carefully. You will need to confirm that you agree with the User Agreement in order to complete the application.

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The Gyrokinetic Turbulence Code GENE: User Agreement (PDF version)


The GENE code can only be distributed to individual users by the GENE Development Team (GDT, represented by Frank Jenko); users of the code are not free to re-distribute the GENE code (or any part or modified version of it) to third parties without prior consent of the GDT.


Individual users of the GENE code may modify the sources and publish results obtained this way, provided that all deviations from officially released versions are pointed out in the publication. Furthermore, users are encouraged to communicate such modifications to the GDT; if they are incorporated into a subsequent release of GENE, these contributions will be acknowledged. People who would like to participate in further developing the code on a more continuous basis may also join the GDT.


All publications containing results obtained with the GENE code should include the official code name and some key references describing the GENE code (provided by the GDT). Users are encouraged to notify the GDT about such publications.


This software is provided on a "as is" basis, without warranty of any kind. The user is solely responsible for the appropriate handling of the code and assumes potential risks like program errors or damage to data.

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