GENE Details

What is GENE for?

GENE is a plasma microturbulence code which can be used to efficiently compute gyroradius-scale fluctuations and the resulting transport coefficients in magnetized fusion/astrophysical plasmas. To this aim, it solves the nonlinear gyrokinetic equations on a fixed grid in five-dimensional phase space (plus time).

What is the physics basis of GENE?

The code is physically quite comprehensive, including, e.g.: These features make GENE one of the leading gyrokinetic turbulence codes available today.

What are some other noteworthy features of GENE?

The code:

On which computer architectures can GENE be run?

GENE runs on a large number of computer architectures, using between only a few and tens of thousands of cores and exhibiting an excellent - almost linear - scaling. It is parallelized according to a hybrid MPI/OpenMP approach, but can also be run in a pure MPI or OpenMP mode. Presently, some of the most commonly used systems are IBM iDataPlex systems, IBM Power architectures, IBM BlueGene/P, Cray XE6, Cray XC30 (Cascade), Bull and various Intel based clusters. For small problem sizes, GENE can even be run on laptops.

Which software is required to compile and run GENE?

Mandatory software packages: Optional software packages: